We warrant our work! 7 days from pickup
‪612-250-2475‬ info@knightsairsoftarmory.com
‪612-250-2475‬ info@knightsairsoftarmory.com

Not Your Normal Airsoft Tech

We are The 'Spa' for your Airsoft Guns

Knight’s Airsoft Armory is your Minnesota go to for Airsoft tech work! We are a very well known and highly recommended airsoft tech company who takes pride in offering nothing but the best to our customers and their airsoft guns. We might be a bit ‘picky’ but that means own work will always remain ‘top knotch’. Nothing wrong with a little wine and dine your airsoft guns.

We want to offer your Airsoft Guns a day at the ‘Spa’. We are not your normal “Minnesota Tech”, we are not the fastest, and we are not the most expensive. Instead we look at offering our clients the very best recommendations and the very best work. We will “always” give you our honest opinion and recommendations, whether you want them or not. 😉

There is perhaps a bit “TOO” much airsoft knowledge here. We play this sport every chance we get, we tear apart and repair our own guns and gear, we customize and improve gear, and we have all those random little bits of knowledge rattling around in our brains that may seem useless to some, BUT NOT TO YOU!

SO, if your airsoft gun acting just a little bit funky? Contact us and bring it in! We’ll take a look at it for you, let you know what we think, and fix it up right. Or maybe you want you want to something a little special for your favorite airsoft gun. HPA anyone?

Phone: ‪612-250-2475‬