We warrant our work! 7 days from pickup
‪612-250-2475‬ info@knightsairsoftarmory.com
‪612-250-2475‬ info@knightsairsoftarmory.com

How Do I Contact Knight’s Armory?

Hours: 12:00 – 19:00 (M-F)
: 651-321-3076
Email: info@knightsairsoftarmory.com

Facebook / FB Messanger: www.facebook.com/knightsairsoftarmory

Turn Around Time

We have a normal 5 business day turn around time (with the exception of HPA installs) for tech work once your airsoft gun is #1 in our queue. We normally have several guns on site at a time and work on them in order they are received.

This turn around time also assumes that everything is on hand that is needed to fix it and no additional parts are needed. Please keep in mind that even if we have your airsoft gun open for one reason doesn’t mean we will not find more items that might need a little TLC. We will inform you as soon as we run across these and give our recommendations on what we have found and what we think needs to happen.

If parts needs to be ordered, that additional time waiting to receive the part adds on to the turn around time.

  • Work Queue
    We work on airsoft guns “first come first serve”. There is no jumping the queue to be fair to all the customers we work for. If we need to wait on parts for one gun, we’ll move down the list and start take down of the next.
  • HPA Installs
    All of our custom HPA installs and undergo a thorough testing of 1500+ rounds (including time at a gun range) once the build is complete. Because of this building and testing process, please allow 1-2 week build time just in case!
  • Rush Work
    We can try to accommodate a rush order to make a big game. There are NO guarantees we can hit dates due to many factors (other issues coming up, parts needed, etc).
    There is a Rush Fee! Please see pricing on our Services page

If Parts Are Needed

The customer is responsible for ordering and providing all parts needed for tech work. This includes parts needed as we have the airsoft gun in our possession. Since we do not stock the wide variety of parts that we may need to do work on all the guns that pass through our door. We ask that the customer buy and deliver/ship any needed parts to us. This helps keep us on track and our heads down and working. And it keeps our overhead down, and our pricing down.

Quality of Parts

KA is not responsible for the quality of parts, you, the customer ultimately decides to provide and purchase for your airsoft guns. We wil also provide what we recommend parts-wise. This is for many reasons and since we are not providing the parts, we are not making to gain a buck from it. These are honestly what we think is best for your airsoft gun.

If you chose not to go with our recommendation there may be additional time needed to get it to work with your airsoft gun and the other parts you might have in and have purchased with it. Having all parts from the same manufacture means it all fits together. The same can not be said for multiple manufacturer of multiple parts

Drop Off

We always want to receive a gun still in one piece and fully put together. This means we be able to properly tear it down and know that all the parts of the gun are present and accounted for. We have the proper tools to do this and do it correctly. Please do not try and save us time by tearing the gun down by yourself, if you do, it may be considered a “Bagger Gun” (please see above).


Airsoft guns can be shipped to us to be worked on. Shipping costs both to and from are the responsibility of the customer. Gun should be packaged VERY well, boxed, padded, and should not rattle when shaken. Please only ship with a service that can be tracked and insured. Insure your package! KA is not responsible for damage or lost guns due to the mail.

What is required

  • Airsoft Gun – Please strip any accessories not needed to be inspected
  • Needed Parts – All parts needed to fix/install
  • Work Order Form. – Thoroughly completed and signed.

Bagger Guns

This is a gun that arrives in multiple pieces, several gallon bags, etc etc. There is an additional fee for this time of checked in gun!

There is a non-refundable Bagger fee per gun! Please see pricing on our Services page
Due at time of drop-off. This is the time needed to go through all the parts and inventory them to figure out what is there and what is still needed to build a complete gun.


Erik Schiltgen dba Knight’s Armory warrants their tech work for 7 days after pickup. I (customer) understand that if I modify or reconfigure my item in any way after pickup that this warranty will be voided.

  • Warranties may also be voided by
    • Obvious misuse of the item(s)
    • Submersion in water or improper contact with water.
    • Use of sub-par BB’s.
    • Use of any battery above a 9.6 1600 mAh NIMH may void the warranty.

**All rights reserved. Warranty policies are subject to change at any time. Knights Armory reserves the right to refuse a warranty for any reason.

Terms & Conditions

Our T&C’s can be found here.

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