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651-321-3076 info@knightsairsoftarmory.com
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What We can offer You

A little Wine and Dine for your Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Equipment Diagnostic | $40

Have a problem, but not sure what is wrong? No problem! We’ll tear down your equipment and do a good once over. We’ll be able to find the problem(s) and can then give you our honest recommendation on how best to proceed. (Don’t worry, we’ll put it back together as well).

This price is only for the diagnostic and additional time will be needed at our normal rate to fix any issues and preform upgrades.

Airsoft Equipment Maintenance | $60

To keep your airsoft guns in the best shape, we recommend doing a maintenance. at least once a year. We’ll do a thorough take down, cleaning, and maintenance to keep your equipment working top notch!

Please keep in mind that this price does not include any problems that we may run into, or parts needed to fix things. This work is charged at our normal rate. And we’ll keep you updated if anything comes up.

Additional Fees

  • Battery End’s swapped to Deans | $5/battery
  • Full Re-Wire & Deans Swap on the Gun | $20/gun
  • Rush Fee | $100 (See our FAQ)
    Non-Refundable. Due at time of drop-off.
  • Bagger Fee | $50/gun (See our FAQ)
    Non-Refundable. Due at time of drop-off.

General Airsoft Tech Work | $20/hr

Tech work is our normal all around charge for everything we do on a per hour basis.

While we can ‘attempt’ to get a hour estimate on the work you want done, there are so many factors that can affect an estimate. Instead we’d love to have a little time with your airsoft gun to properly look it over first. After that we can get into the details on what we see and what might be needed.

HPA Installs | $60/$120

It’s all the Rage! HPA conversions bring your airsoft gun to the next level of play-ability, versatility, and reliability.

We have two basic rates:

  • Standard – $60: Wolverine V2/V3 installs that don’t require custom work or gearbox replacements.
  • Custom – $120: Anything else that does not fall into the first bucket.

All of our custom HPA installs undergo a thorough testing of 1500+ rounds once the build is complete. Not many techs can say they have 40+ installs under their belt in a single year.  So you can trust that your conversion is in good hands here.

Important Docs

Airsoft Questions & Knowledge

Got questions? Contact us and we’ll pass on what we know to help you make inform choices in your Airsoft career.

Phone: 651-321-3076