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‪612-250-2475‬ info@knightsairsoftarmory.com
‪612-250-2475‬ info@knightsairsoftarmory.com
Welcome to Knight’s Armory of Minnesota

Welcome to Knight’s Armory! My name is Erik, and I am the owner here in our Minnesota Airsoft location. My technical title is “Mecha Techzilla”, unless I think of something cooler.

I have been playing airsoft for 17+ years (over half of my life) and started playing with a USP Match and after that an odd little airsoft gun with a bicycle pump to fill up the air reservoir, I couldn’t even tell you the name of it but it was full auto so that was a plus. Now I own a few more airsoft guns than I’d like to admit (actually.. I’ll probably tell you all about them later).

Now about KA (Knight’s Armory)! We are a Minnesota based Airsoft Tech Company. We provide airsoft tech work out of our home in St Paul, MN. We have it setup this way to keep our pricing LOW and to bring that savings back to you, the humble customer. Our technical hours are Monday through Friday, 12-7pm. With appointments to come in as needed. We enjoy having people over when they drop off and pick up their airsoft guns because that gives me a chance to talk your ear off 😉

I have been told I am “airsoft smart”! I am passionate about this sport and play every chance I get. I also tear apart, modify, and repair all my own guns and gear. I have all those random little bits of knowledge rattling around in our brains that may seem useless to some, BUT NOT TO YOU! I am happy to pass that knowledge on to you whether you you need tech work or not. It makes me happy to see my customers happy. If you happen to learn something new, that is the point!

Have an airsoft gun that is acting just a little bit funky? Let’s chat! I’ll take a look at it for you and fix it up right. Or maybe you want you want to something a little special for your favorite airsoft gun. HPA anyone? I have been boasted as the MN airsoft tech with the most HPA installs under his belt.  If your airsoft gun is in my shop, I will treat it just like it was one of my own.

So, moral of the story:

  • You have an airsoft gun that needs some work? We got you covered.
  • You have a question about airsoft in general? We got you covered.
  • You just want to say “Hi” and make a new friend to see out on the Airsoft fields? We got you covered.

Phone: 651-321-3076

Email: info@knightsairsoftarmory.com


  • Monday-Friday – 12:00-7:00
  • Appointments Available for Drop-off & Pick-up!

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Phone: ‪612-250-2475‬